5th MODPROD Workshop on Model-Based Product Development

Linköping University – – February 8-9, 2011

Organizers: Peter Fritzson, Petter Krus, Kristian Sandahl



MODPROD Program Tuesday February 8

Tutorials and Academic Sessions

8.30-9.15 Registration and Coffee outside A2, Building A, Linköping University

9.15-10.45 Tutorials in Parallel

Tutorial 1. Peter Fritzson and Mohsen Torabzadeh-Tari, Linköping University "Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica". Hands-on Exercises. bring your laptops. Place: MASS pdf

Tutorial 2. Wladimir Schamai EADS and Adrian Pop Linköping Uinversity. "Model-based development using the ModelicaML (Modelica-UML) and Modelica MDT Eclipse plugin". Hands-on Exercises. bring your laptops. Place: A33 pdf

Tutorial 3. Bran Selic, President of Malina Software, previously at IBM. "Model-Based Engineering of Real-Time and Embedded Systems". Place: A2 pdf

Tutorial 4. Chris  Paredis, Georgia Institute of Technology "System Analysis using SysML Parametrics:Current Tools and Best Practices" Place: ACAS pdf

Tutorial 5. Lars Taxén, Linköping University and Joakim Pilborg, KnowIT AB, ”System Anatomies" Place: A35 pdf, pdf

Tutorial 6. Petter Krus. "Robust System Simulation using Distributed Modeling". Place: A35 pdf

10.45-11.00 Coffee Break outside A2

11.00-12.30 Tutorial 1,2,3… in parallel, continued.

Same rooms as above.

12.30-13.30 Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping university


13.30-15.00 Plenary Session 1, room: A2, Session Chair: Peter Fritzson

13.30 - 14.30 Keynote, Jeannie Sullivan Falcon, Chief Engineer, National Instruments, "Model development and Measurements  for Real-time Systems", pdf

14.30 - 15.00 Peter Fritzson and Petter Krus, Linköping University, "Presentation of Research at the Centre for Model based Product Development, MODPROD" pdf, Peter Fritzson - pdf, Petter Krus


15.00-16.00 Coffee Break + Poster Session outside A2


16.00-17.30 Session 2a. Room: A2, Building A. Session Chair: Kristian Sandahl

Christer Karlsson, Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB, " Capture Data and Knowledge in Models for Remtoe Monitoring" pdf

David Broman, Linköping Uinversity, "Extensible Modleing Language-utlizing Libraries for Model Creation, Use and Domain-specific Extensions" pdf

Elena Aparicio, Mälardalen University, "On-line Simulation with Modelica in a Simulink Environnment" pdf


16.00-17.30 Session 2b. Place: ACAS, Building A. Session Chair: Petter Krus

Adam Thorp, Enginsoft Nordic AB, Elin Nyman, Linköping University, "Multi-objective Optimization with modeFRONTIER Applied System Biology" pdfwrong

Yusheng Liu, State Key Lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University, "SysML Based Uniform Behavior Modeling and Automated Simulation of Mechatronic Systems Execution Modeling" pdfwrong

Xialong Feng, ABB, "Model-driven Design and Optimization of Industrial Robots at ABB" pdfwrong


19.00 Workshop Dinner at Konsert & Kongress, Linköping

MODPROD Program for Wednesday February 9

Main Workshop


8.00-8.30 Registration. Coffee. Place: Outside A2, Building A, Linköping University


Plenary Session (Chair: Peter Fritzson) Room: A2, Building A

8.30-8.40 Peter Fritzson. Workshop Opening, pdf

8.40-9.40 Keynote, Bran Selic, President of Malina Software, previously at IBM and a main designer of UML. "Abstraction Patterns in Model-based Engineering" pdf

10.10-10.30 Coffee, Posters, Exhibition outside A2, Building A

10.30-12.30 Plenary Session. Session Chair: Peter Fritzson

10.30-11.30 Keynote, Chris Paredis, Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, " The OMG SysML-Modelica Transformation Specification: Supporting Model-based Systems Engineering with SysML and Modelica" pdf

11.30-12.00 Keynote, Francesco Casella, Professor at Politecnico Milano, Italy, "Object-orineted Modeling from a Control Engineer's Perspective: Past, Present and Future" pdf

12.30-13.30 Lunch at Kårallen, Linköping University.


13.30-14.30 Parallel Session 1a, Model-Based Engineering. Session Chair: Petter Krus

Room: A2, Building A

Matthias Hörl, Martin Hochwaller, Stefan Dierneder, Rudolf Scheidl, TRUMPF Maschinen Austria GmbH, Linz Mechatronic Center, Linz Univeristy, " Integration of SysML and Simulation Models for Mechatronic Systems"

Martin Hochwaller, Matthias Hörl, Stefan Dierneder, Rudolf Scheidl, TRUMPF Maschinen Austria GmbH, Linz Mechatronic Center, Linz Univeristy, " Some Aspects of SysML Applicaiton in the Reverse Engineering of Mechatronic Systems"

Maria Pettersson, Atlas Copco, "Simulation and Optimziation of Rock Drill Machines"


13.30-14.30 Parallel Session 1b, Model-Based Development. Session Chair: Kristian Sandahl

Room: ACAS, Building A

Wladimir Schamai, EADS & Liu, " State Chart Modeling and Requirements Verification with ModelicaML - A UML Profile for Modelica" pdf

Mikael Lövkvist, SAAB, "xtUML in Practice" pdf

Johan Lundbäck, Jukka Mäki-Turja, Mikael Sjödin, Articus Systems AB, "Execution Modeling - the missing leg in model-based development of performance-oriented embedded systems" pdf


Posters and Exhibition outside A2.

14.30-15.30 Coffee, Posters, Exhibition outside A2, Building A


15.30-16.30 Parallel Session 2a Model-Based Engineering Design. Session Chair: Petter Krus

Room: A2, Auilding A

Peter Fritzson, Linköping Univeristy, "Tool Interoperability with FMI - The Funictional Mock-up Interface (FMI) Standard for Model Exchange and Tool Interoperability" pdf

Jonas Jansson, Swedish Road and Traffic Institute, "Hardware-in-the-loop Real-Time simulation in Driving Simulators" pdf

Wuzhu Chen, Univeristy of Clausthal, "Profiling of Modelica Real-time Models" pdf


15.30-16.30 Parallel Session 2bModel-Based Software Design. Session Chair: Peter Fritzson

Room: ACAS, Building A

Anders Caspar, Ericcson, "Chanllenges and Opportunities for SW Development" pdf

Roger Holmberg, Ericcson, "Experience from Large-scale Systems Development" pdf



Mikael Relbe, KnowIT/Volvo Car, "Architecture in Future Cars - A Challenge Supported by the Vinnova MARCH Project" pdf



16.30-16.40 Coffee Break + Poster Session outside A2


16.40-17.10 Panel Discussion. (plenary session)

Room: A2, Building A

Possible topic: " Will Modeling Help Communication between Engineers in Different Disciplines"


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