Linköping University, Building B, entry 29, first floor, room Don Knuth.
The closest bus stop is Vallfarten (bus 12 and 20 from Train Station).
See more at the page bottom about buses, travel and accommodation.



If you want to participate or have any other questions or issues please contact:
Adrian Pop [].  If you get stuck you can call me at: +46762343499.



  • OSMC & PELAB/IDA/LiU - Adrian Pop, Per Östlund, Martin Sjölund, Adeel Asghar, Kristian Stavåker, Olena Rogovchenko, Mahder Gebremedhin (Mon-Fri)
  • VTI - Anders Andersson (Mon-Fri)
  • Equa Simulation - Alexey Lebedev (Mon-Fri)
  • FH-Bielefeld - Willi Braun, Lennart Ochel (Mon-Fri)
  • TU-Dresden - Jens Frenkel (Mon-Fri)
  • TU-Clausthal - Wuzhu Chen (Mon-Fri)?
  • TU-Berlin & Fhg FIRST - Christoph Höger (Thu-Fri)
  • ETH Zurich - Xenofon Floros (Mon-Fri)
  • Bosch Rexroth - Niklas Worschech (Mon-Fri)
  • Insa-Lyon - Hong Viet Luong (Mon-Fri)
  • Fraunhofer IWES - Roland Samlaus
  • maybe more.



The topics (the list is open) for the development week are:


  • Redesign and improvements (Adrian, Per & others)
  • Redesign of the OpenModelica API (Adrian, Adeel, Per & others)
  • Separate compilation, non-expanded arrays (Christoph & Alexey)


  • Further improvements and new functionality
  • Redesign of the simulation runtime (Willi, Jens & others)
  • CPP code generator (Niklas)
  • QSS code generator (Xenofon)
  • Garbage Collector for MetaModelica (Adrian)
  • Parallel support (Martin)


  • import, export, FMI 2.0 (Wuhzu, Willi, Adeel)

Clients (OMEdit, MDT)

  • improvements & new functionality (Adeel, Adrian & others)



We start Monday at around 9:00 (or when you arrive).

Basically we have a free agenda, we just get together from 09:00- to 18:00+ 
or as much as we want and work on improving OpenModelica. See the topics above.

This being said, we will have to schedule some presentations:

  • Thursday 10 November 2011, Christoph Höger will talk about 3D graphics and separate compilation.


Travel and Accommodation

Hotels in Linköping.
Travel to Linköping.

Notes on the buses:



  • You can search schedules using a travel robot and enter for example: "Linköping Centralstation" and "Vallfarten (Linköping kn)" to find a bus from the railway station to the university.
  • you will have to buy a bus card and load it before going in the bus. you can buy and load the card at the train station or some Pressbyrån stores
  • you will have to press the stop button in the bus before the station because if no-one has pressed it the bus will not stop. Usually there is a display near the driver and say: "Stannar" if somebody pressed the stop button, also the name of the next station is announced via sound and display.
  • a journey is 15:- SEK so 30:- SEK roundtrip.
  • bus website in English.



If you get stuck you can call me (Adrian Pop) at: +46762343499.

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