The OpenModelica 1.8.0 was released. You can find the Windows builds here. The Linux and MacOS builds are available via the Download menu above.
Many thanks to everybody that contributed!


A.1 OpenModelica 1.8, November 2011


The OpenModelica 1.8 release contains OMC flattening improvements for the Media library – it now flattens the whole library and simulates about 20% of its example models. Moreover, about half of the Fluid library models also flatten. This release also includes two new tool functionalities – the FMI for model exchange import and export, and a new efficient Eclipse-based debugger for Modelica/MetaModelica algorithmic code.

A.1.1 OpenModelica Compiler (OMC)

This release includes bug fixes and improvements of the flattening frontend part of the OpenModelica Compiler (OMC) and several improvements of the backend, including, but not restricted to:

· A faster and more stable OMC model compiler. The 1.8.0 version flattens and simulates more models than the previous 1.7.0 version.

· Flattening of the whole Media library, and about half of the Fluid library. Simulation of approximately 20% of the Media library example models.

· Functional Mockup Interface FMI 1.0 for model exchange, export and import, for the Windows platform.

· Bug fixes in the OpenModelica graphical model connection editor OMEdit, supporting easy-to-use graphical drag-and-drop modeling and MSL 3.1.

· Bug fixes in the OMOptim optimization subsystem.

· Beta version of compiler support for a new Eclipse-based very efficient algorithmic code debugger for functions in MetaModelica/Modelica, available in the development environment when using the bootstrapped OpenModelica compiler.

· Improvements in initialization of simulations.

· Improved index reduction with dynamic state selection, which improves simulation.

· Better error messages from several parts of the compiler, including a new API call for giving better error messages.

· Automatic partitioning of equation systems and multi-core parallel simulation of independent parts based on the shared-memory OpenMP model. This version is a preliminary experimental version without load balancing.

A.1.2 OpenModelica Notebook (OMNotebook)

No changes.

A.1.3 OpenModelica Shell (OMShell)

Small performance improvements.

A.1.4 OpenModelica Eclipse Plug-in (MDT)


Small fixes and improvements. MDT now also includes a beta version of a new Eclipse-based very efficient algorithmic code debugger for functions in MetaModelica/Modelica.

A.1.5 OpenModelica Development Environment (OMDev)

Third party binaries, including Qt libraries and executable Qt clients, are now part of the OMDev package. Also, now uses GCC 4.4.0 instead of the earlier GCC 3.4.5.

A.1.6 Graphic Editor OMEdit

Bug fixes. Access to FMI Import/Export through a pull-down menu. Improved configuration of library loading. A function to go to a specific line number. A button to cancel an on-going simulation. Support for some updated OMC API calls.

A.1.7 New OMOptim Optimization Subsystem

Bug fixes, especially in the Linux version.

A.1.8 FMI Support

The Functional Mockup Interface FMI 1.0 for model exchange import and export is supported by this release. The functionality is accessible via API calls as well as via pull-down menu commands in OMEdit.




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