NEW! OpenModelica 1.9.6 patch release that fixes an FMI export bug is now available here.



The OpenModelica 1.9.4 final release is now available here.

This OpenModelica 1.9.4 release includes a number of improvements compared to the 1.9.3 release.

A number of improvements in the OpenModelica graphic model editor OMEdit (also described here):

  • Undo/Redo support.
  • Preserving text formatting, including indentation and whitespace. This is especially important for diff/merge with several collaborating developers possibly using several different Modelica tools.
  • Better support for inherited classes.
  • Allow simulating models using visual studio compiler.
  • Support for saving Modelica package in a folder structure.
  • Allow reordering of classes inside a package.
  • Highlight matching parentheses in text view.
  • When copying the text retain the text highlighting and formatting.
  • Support for global head definition in the documentation by using __OpenModelica_infoHeader annotation.
  • Support for expandable connectors.
  • Support for uses annotation.

Several improvements in the OpenModelica model compiler and simulator:

  • Improved simulation speed for many models. simulation speed went up for 80% of the models. The compiler frontend became faster for almost all models, average about 40% faster.
  • Initial support for synchronous models with clocked equations as defined in the Modelica 3.3 standard
  • Support for homotopy operator
  • Bug fixes

Improvements in the OpenModelica FMI 2.0 support

  • Full FMI 2.0 co-simulation support now available
  • Upgrade Cpp runtime from C++03 to C++11 standard, minimizing external link dependencies. Exported FMUs don't depend on additional libraries such as boost anymore

64 bit Windows

  • Support for 64bit Windows will be included in the nightly-builds after the 1.9.4 release


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