The OpenModelica 1.12.0-dev.beta2 has been released. You can find the Windows builds here. The Linux and MacOS builds are available via the Download menu above.

OpenModelica 1.12.0-dev.beta2 release, October 10, 2017

This is a bug fix release, please check the release text for 1.12.0-dev.beta1 for more information.
You can find out which bugs were fixed in the 1.12 release until now. 

This release is in preparation of 1.12.0 final release. Please help us by testing it and reporting bugs.

·        Support for higher-index discrete clock partitions

·        Improved unit checking

·        Improved initialization of start values

·        New approach for homotopy-based  initialization (still experimental)

·        A bunch of fixes: Bugs, regressions, performance issues

·        Improved Dynamic Tearing by adding constraints for the casual set

·        Improved module wrapFunctionCalls with one-time evaluation of Constant CSE-variables

·        Added initOptModule for inlineHomotopy

·        Added configuration flag tearingStrictness to influence solvability

·        New methods for inline integration for continuous equations in clocked partitions, now covering: ExplicitEuler, ImplicitEuler, SemiImplicitEuler and ImplicitTrapezoid

·        Complete implementation of synchronous features in Cpp runtime

·        Refactored linear solver of Cpp runtime

·        Improved Modelica_synchronous_cpp coverage

·        Coverage of most of the OpenHydraulics library

Support of time events for cpp-simulation and enabled time events in cpp-FMUs
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