The OpenModelica 1.13.0 final is now released.

Download Linux, Mac, Windows. Report bugs in Trac.


  • OMSimulator 2.0 – the second release of our efficient FMI Simulation tool including a GUI for FMI Composition, co-simulation and model-exchange simulation, and SSP standard support.
  • Model and library encryption/decryption support. (Only for usage by OSMC member organizations)
  • Improved OpenModelica DAEMode for efficient solution of large Modelica models.
  • Julia scripting API to OpenModelica.
  • Basic Matlab scripting API to OpenModelica.
  • OMSysIdent - parameter estimation module for linear and non-linear parametric dynamic models.
  • Interactive simulation and control of simulations with OPC-UA.
  • PDEModelica1 - experimental support for one-dimensional PDEs in Modelica.
  • Analytic directional derivatives for FMI export and efficient calculation of multiple Jacobian columns – giving much faster simulation for some models
  • Enhanced OMEdit – including fast multi-file search.
  • Improved error messages and stability.
  • A version of the new fast compiler frontend available for testing, can be enabled by a flag Currently (December 10), simulates about 84% of MSL 3.2.2

Note: the replaceable GUI support has been moved to OpenModelica 1.14.0 and will be available in nightly builds.

The bug fixes for version 1.13.0 can be found in Trac



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