On-line Tutorials

Interactive step-by-step self-learning beginners Modelica on-line spoken tutorials with exercises using OpenModelica.

OMWebbook with interactive self-learning exercises and runnable simulation models. (Web version of DrModelica)


Modelica Tutorial Short Course


Modelica Long Course

In this section you can see a complete modelica course, divided in 12 lessons, plus some exercises.

Lecture 1 - Introduction

Lecture 2 - Modelica Environments

Lecture 3 - Classes

Lecture 4 - Connectors

Lecture 5 - Equations

Lecture 6 - Functions and Algorithms

Lecture 7 - Packages

Lecture 8 - Libraries

Lecture 9 - Hybrid Systems

Lecture 10 - Bio Population

Lecture 11 - Model Design

Lecture 12 - Romeo Julia

Lecture 13 - Library Design


DrControl -  Control Course with Modelica and OpenModelica

  • DrControl, an active electronic book course material based on OMNotebook for teaching control theory and modeling with Modelica
  • It contains explanations about basic concepts of control theory along with Modelica exercises
  • Observer models, Kalman filter, and linearization of non-linear problems are some of the topics in the course used in control of pendulum, DC motor, and tank system models among others

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